How can Delver help you?

  1. Delve into data

    You've got the data, but perhaps people are struggling to get answers out of it. Delver gives you and your users a natural language interface to your data - ask plain English questions, get the answers out.

    With Delver, there's no more need to phone the IT department, create new reports or constantly upgrade your app's dashboard. Deploy one text box, and you're done!

  2. Connect Delver to your data

    We know how important the privacy of your data is, so we never store or access it on our servers. To connect with Delver, use one of client-side connectors or SDKs. Right now Delver speaks SQL†, and on the roadmap are MongoDB, CoreData on iOS, and integration. Ask for more!

    †MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, Amazon RDS & Redshift etc.

  3. Teach Delver your language

    Right out of the box, Delver understands your data. If you have a products table with a price column, you'll be able to ask “What's the most expensive product?” and “Which products are cheaper than average?”

    Delver will tell you when it doesn't understand part of a question - what's a late delivery, for example - and allow you to incrementally improve its understanding of your data and the langauge used in your app.

  4. Integrate Delver into your app

    Once you've shown Delver the structure of your data and taught it a little bit, your app connects to a REST interface in the cloud to translate English questions into a query it understands.

    We're also developing SDKs to make it even easier to integrate Delver on your platform of choice. Tell us what you're using!

  5. Ask questions

    And you're done! Ask a question, Delver gets you the answer instantly. If it doesn't understand, it'll tell you exactly what you need to explain, and you only need to tell it once.

Packages and Prices


Ideal for busy professionals that have no time to answer their or their colleague's data questions.

£24.99 1,000 queries per month

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Perfect for most SaaS apps - never manually add another report to your users' dashboards again. One text box is all they need to analyse their data.

£199 10,000 queries per month

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Our most robust product, for heavily trafficked public web sites and mobile apps. Upgrade your site's search and reporting with a natural language interface for every user.

£499 50,000 queries per month

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Want business intelligence that actually makes your business more intelligent? Our platform empowers the data-driven enterprise.

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  • Thom Lawrence

    Founder & CEO

    Thom led teams at TechnoPhobia (now part of Capita) working for some of the UK's biggest banks, insurers and supermarkets, and then at Rockshore, a realtime big-data startup serving the aviation and telco industries.

  • Dr Ravish Bhagdev

    NLP Expert

    Rav's an expert in semantic search with experience in both academia at University of Sheffield, and in industry at TechnoPhobia, Rolls Royce and natural-language startup Knowledge-Now.

  • Richard Jones


    Richard has over a decade of design experience, having led web and product design teams at TechnoPhobia, Curly Web, Mantra Medical and Brassbot.


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